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Absolutely NOT an absolutist

I had a follow-up appointment with my surgeon today which induced mild hysteria and anxiety in me similar to my dogs when I take them to...

I almost slept through this post!

When you hear the term “cancer battle” I imagine most people can’t or don’t really want to picture what that means. The word “battle”...

Remember the good days

This is a reminder to myself as well as a suggestion for anyone who needs to hear this. Whether you have cancer, sciatica or something...

Healing is hard.

In a society that expects what they want a minute after they touch a purchase button, it is not surprising that we often expect the same...

Quality of life, whaaat?

My oncologist likes to say, "We want you to have a good quality of life." I hear this during every visit while my health care team gauges...

The Adventures of Kara Picante: Blog2

Welcome to my world! Come keep me company and maybe we can learn something together.

The Adventures of Kara Picante: Welcome

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