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Quality of life, whaaat?

My oncologist likes to say, "We want you to have a good quality of life." I hear this during every visit while my health care team gauges my neuropathy, fatigue, and other symptoms on the menu that day.

From people in general, I get the message that just to be alive is the goal. In terms of treatment, that can present some really unattractive packages that I do not even want to delve into. Let's just say my goal is to have some fun while I am still corporeal and able. Speaking of...I have signed up to do a belly dance performance for Offbeat Bellydance on January 17th!

This both horrifies and spurs me on to challenge myself--because cancer and a newly fractured sit bone isn’t enough, ha! With a CT scan scheduled for December 30th, my hope is that I can postpone further treatments (depending on the results) until after my performance because THIS is quality of life for me.

Performing, creating... It isn’t enough for me to lie on a couch and binge watch old seasons of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (because I kinda want to live that drag kind of life). Fingers crossed I can make this happen.

What would make YOUR quality of life better? Don’t wait to have some catastrophic disease or event to figure that out!

Have a wonderful holiday season, my friends.

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