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Mistletoe, It is not just for kissing creepy family members

When one gets a concerning diagnosis such as mine, you can decide to do exactly what your western medical team prescribes and administers OR you can turn yourself into your own experiment. The thing about conventional medicine is that it is often a “One Size Fits All” experience and who hasn’t been disappointed with an outfit labeled thusly let alone chemotherapy or some other scary medication or procedure. It is easy to give away your power to a perceived authority such as a medical specialist, either out of fear or a lifetime of indoctrination, I mean, doctors are all knowing and infallible, right? Remember That time 9 out of 10 doctors recommended smoking cigarettes?! I am in no way suggesting that one should not listen and consider information from their medical provider but it is good to remember that no matter how smart and educated your doctor is they cannot possibly know everything. That doctors are people and they can make mistakes or just be wrong. When I first was diagnosed I was advised strongly to start eating lots of meat and to not do anything else such as supplements or other modalities with the exception of acupuncture and massage. If the current therapies and nutrition were so dialed in and perfect that I would be cured...Well, I can see why I would want to follow that protocol but that’s not how it was or is, at least not for me. This is why I started seeing a naturopath that specialized in therapies that support conventional ones such as chemo and radiation. One of the supplements that was prescribed for me was Mistletoe, an injectable that is supposed to boost your immune system. I did a lot more naturopathic protocols and supplements and after my first chemotherapy round some of my tumors shrank 50% which blew my oncologist away at the time. When I had to get a colostomy due to a hole that was torn in my colon from what I can only assume as healing too fast, I stopped injecting the mistletoe for quite awhile as I had to inject a blood thinner into my stomach everyday for a month after that traumatic surgery. The second round of chemo caused me to develop a huge abscess due to the therapy inhibiting my immune system (this shit is so counter intuitive). After sporting a gaping wound on my butt due to two surgeries in a month that seeped and oozed blood tinged fluid and puss constantly (and at the time of this writing, still is but not as much), I decided to start injecting the parasitic plant again (mistletoe is actually a plant that grows on trees and produces berries) and the next day after the first injection in months, I felt better than I had in awhile...Dramatically better. I am not saying I have found the ultimate answer to my problem but anytime you get your head above water you take as many breaths as you can in the event another wave comes.

Next week I will meet an additional oncology doctor who specializes in radiation...Yeah, that may be happening, another adventure not as awesome as a roller coaster or bungee jumping but a new scary therapy. I am going to continue with the mistletoe this time and see what happens, I am feeling good about this and I am not even one iota high right now, that is how good I feel 2 days after the injection...Can I get 3 days or a week or 20 years?!

My story continues to be written as does yours. Thank you. Until next time ❤️

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