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Click the title below for a PDF of Kara's second ever children's book, the totally adorable and moving Iggy: A Mongrel's Tale.

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"THE PUGS swept through the town in every shade of fawn and black, yipping and snorting and panting and screaming. And then, just as mysteriously, they took to the skies again and vanished..."

--Pug Monster Gallery

It's Goosebumps meets Schoolhouse Rock..with PUGS!!!

Yes, pugs are scary! Very scary! But not too scary, in this coloring story book for artists, word nerds, and pug lovers ages 8 and older. Packed with stories, vocabulary, pug facts, line drawings, a glossary, and even a section for readers to create their own pug monsters, this 74-page book is printed on 70 lb color paper with drawings on one side per sheet to prevent messy coloring bleed-through. Take a tour with the master of thrills and chills, Igor Allan Pug...if you dare! 

Available on Amazon, Barnes & NobleWalmart and other online retailers. 

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"One day Fiona woke up and her beaver was...gone!"

--Fiona Plays With Her Beaver

Completed during the author's cancer treatments, this book is the heartwarming tale of a pug who will stop at nothing to recover her precious, stuffed beaver. Join Fiona the pug on a journey of mystery, adventure, and love.

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers. Plus additional accompanying narration for free on YouTube! Try it with your little one or furry one and if you enjoy it, we'd love it if you bought it on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and many other places where digital music is sold. 

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