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Are you there god? It’s me, Picante...

Updated: Mar 24

Charles Muir & James Butler at the movie premiere "The Unbearable Lightness Of Crashing."

If you have ever read the Judy Blume classic “Are you there god? It’s me Margaret” you might think I want to talk about the opposite of menstruation which affects ladies around my age, as in menopause... Ha! No! I just thought that was a snappy title and I honestly don’t want to talk about the benefits of no longer sloughing blood out of my uterus on a monthly basis. I had hoped to talk about more adventures by now but it seems like this cancer BS is hogging the limelight lately. As of right now I am working on healing an 8cm gash that was surgically made in my bum to release the ooze from within. That being said, my husband Charles and his best friend from grade school, James, had a movie premiere that I needed to attend 3 days after my second surgery. If you ever get a chance to watch “The Unbearable Lightness Of Crashing” don’t miss out! It will be the best 36 seconds of your life, (the shortest film ever accepted into the Motorcycle Film Festival at Hollywood Theatre in Portland , Or). Luckily the Lyft drivers didn’t bat an eye at my back up maneuvering into their cars or me lying on my side, weirdly buckled in, breathing in the married stench of cigarette smoke, sweat and fake green tree. I arrived at the premiere in time to see my husband on stage. It is so important to remember that even when you are healing aka laying on the couch for hours on end willing your body to do the necessary work, that life goes on for everyone else. That your loved ones lives are still going on and they can have really cool things happen that need to be noticed and applauded. It can be hard to look outside yourself when a disease takes hold. My husband who has been running our household and stuffing gauze into my butt wound had a really cool thing happening and it was important for me to go witness his accomplishment, to give him the attention that he deserves. I may not be able to make every premiere or event but I got myself to the latest one and I plan to at least try to make it to others as I continue to navigate down this river and aim towards ultimate healing, whatever that looks like.

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