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Remember the good days

Updated: Mar 24

This is a reminder to myself as well as a suggestion for anyone who needs to hear this. Whether you have cancer, sciatica or something else that contributes to discomfort and pain it behooves one to note the days, hours or minutes of ease in one’s situation. I have said this before and probably will again, focus on what you want and when you have an experience where you feel normal or not in excruciating pain, note it. This is coming up for me specifically just because of my latest adventure with my grapefruit sized abscess in my ass. I had looked forward to a chemo break hoping I would replenish my reserves and kickstart my suppressed immune system not counting on this extra factor of ooze which feels like two steps forward and one step back. Yet another reminder to live every day as it comes and keep expectations to a minimum in regards to ones health. This is not to say give up, I think of it as navigating a river. One of my least favorite things to navigate is the actual medical crap, surgery, doctor opinions on whether I will always have cancer, harmful words and opinions. That being said I wanted to share an Ed Wood style video that Charles and I made for fun inspired by our most recent gluteal adventures. Being silly and finding humor helps light the way in this darkness. Laughter is medicine and this fake movie trailer certainly makes me laugh, maybe it will make you laugh too. Until next time❤️

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