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Who knew for better or worse meant a gauze packed butt wound?

I have an annoying habit where I try and lessen my impact on those around me, I always have. I have spent a lot of time apologizing for my mere existence. As I am still recovering from my abscess surgery and also notably high on RSO (cannabis edible), I have to rely heavily on my incredible husband Charles to do just about everything including nursing my open and seeping butt wound, yeah, sorry Charles, you did agree to those ridiculous vows, thanks for sticking with me, it can’t be easy. This has been the lesson that I seem to have to learn over and over. It would be more in my wheelhouse if I was the one doing the gross and the ordinary chores around the house instead of laying on the couch for most of the day and night trying desperately to find a Netflix show that isn’t too hard to watch, unfortunately that is not what my role is in this scenario. I said it in my last post, healing can be incredibly boring, that being said I am looking forward to performing a solo belly dance piece at Offbeat Belly Dance, a free show, next Friday Jan 17th, 7pm at The Liquor Store on Belmont in Portland Oregon. You might wonder how I can do a performance when I haven’t been able to practice...Me too, ha! I signed up to do this to give me something to look forward to, something different than all this healing, which is important but even healing without a break can feel like torture. So for one night I am going to perform and hopefully at the very least be entertaining and take a break from what has become a full-time job of waiting to feel better. I promise it is going to be weird! Come check out the show if you are around and looking for something to do. Until next time❤️

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