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I almost slept through this post!

Updated: Mar 24

When you hear the term “cancer battle” I imagine most people can’t or don’t really want to picture what that means. The word “battle” invokes a frenetic uphill slog worthy, slap fighting image into my own head and it does not come close to how I feel about this experience. I feel like I am at the DMV on a Monday after a holiday or getting up at 4am everyday to make some goddamn mediocre doughnuts. Between the appointments, phone calls, worried looks, surgeries and rest...ALL the rest...Can you see how a DMV waiting area could be a good description? Have you ever been in a DMV waiting room situation and thought “I could die waiting for my number to be called.” Ha! Talk about a mixed bag, you want your number to be called but not actually punched yet. You want information but not any words that will make your heart stop and your stomach fall out of your body... Words that will make your significant other crumble into ash. At this moment in time I feel that my life is balanced on Jenga blocks...One wrong move...Ha! Anyway, my point is that when you are in this it is not as exciting as the image of a battle, it is more like what I picture a marathon would feel like, long, painful and potentially deadly. My plan is not to throw in the towel just yet but it is good to realize that not every moment of this is going to be a party. Sometimes I am going to embrace my inner Eeyore for a moment, a bit of a water break in this cancerathon.

On a happier and shinier subject it is now time for me to start planning my routine for the US Air Guitar Championships in Portland at Dante’s on April 3rd, a silly adventure to look forward to in the midst of all of this waiting and abscessing. I will take it! Now to figure out what I want to do...

Until next time ❤️

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