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Listen to what the flower people say, ahhhhhhh-ahhh-ahhhh...

I believe that our bodies talk to us, whether or not we listen, that is a whole other story. I also have a theory that our bodies store things for later. This could be bodily impact from being athletic, emotional trauma, high stress or any kind of intense accident. When we are young we are often not able to or don’t want to deal with the impact of such things and are resilient enough to put them on a virtual shelf to be dealt with later. I have heard countless people in my massage practice lament about how they are getting old because they never hurt before and now they are hurting and it must be because of a bad mattress or their job but regardless, it is all downhill from here on out according to them, usually this kind of grumbling starts around the age of 32.

Our bodies talk and if you don’t heed the call, our bodies speak louder and louder until you decide to address the issue or your body literally MAKES you address the issue. This can be in the form of some heinous low back pain that has you laid out on the floor. Let’s say your job and life gives you no breaks and you don’t feel that you can afford to do any self care either financially or you just don’t have time...The body has a tendency to take the wheel and hit the breaks, at this point you have little choice other than actively dealing with it through some kind of bodywork, acupuncture and mindfulness or at the minimum, muscle relaxers and ibuprofen, or something worse such as surgery. We have no problem maintaining our cars but god forbid we do something good for ourselves. This theory of mine is not just limited to musculoskeletal issues but also all sorts of disease including auto-immune and cancer.

Of course there are other factors other than what I have cited but when you have a perfect storm of these types of ingredients I truly believe one can allow for an environment within that puts out a virtual welcome mat for disease. I believe my cancer had a lot to do with childhood trauma, excessive stress and self-loathing. Sure, it probably didn‘t help my situation that I have always had a deep love for sugar and crispy bacon but we have all heard stories of people that smoke a pack of Camels a day, eat bacon at every meal and are still alive and thriving in their 90’s. We are all similar but different. Our insides uniquely our own. It is important to deal with our own very selves. I have mentioned that I am a caregiver type, taking care of others is my jam but taking care of myself...Well THAT is a process, to give others love...No problem. To love myself...This is the biggest challenge I have had to face along with the physical ramifications of colorectal cancer. The big lesson in this for me is that my life cannot be the same that it was. This is not meant to be ominous or pathetic. My body has been screaming at me and now I have no choice but to heed its call. The old ways no longer serve me and now it is up to me to search out what does work. We will see what happens as I continue to live my story and you continue to live yours.

You take care of yourselves ❤️Until next time.

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