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To hell with neuropathy, I'm pushing that boulder!

New purple tinsel tree. This was the year our fake palm trees decided to die.

Last week was my twelfth sparkling infusion. This week, I feel like I am wearing a pile of bricks around my neck. The atmosphere around my body is sticky and mud-like, my boots sinking and getting stuck in the endless bog...

(Insert record scratch)

LOOK, just because you grow older does not mean you leave the teenage angst behind.

My goal: To decorate my living room for Christmas. In the past, this would take me 3/4 of a day. Now, it may take me up until the 25th as I require many breaks, but so be it. I will not be swayed from success in this daunting task...think Sisyphus, the character from Greek mythology who endlessly pushes a boulder up a hill just to see it roll all the way back down to where it started.

It can feel endless, but I will not be thwarted! People have told me to not worry about this, but you see, decorating for the holiday season is for ME (and Charles, too) but mainly for me. I want this and it is a relatively small thing AND it will give me a piece of joy AND isn‘t that the goal in life? To snatch those moments of joy where you can?

This is what I believe, so this is what I shall do and I will keep pushing this damn boulder as I call forth and invoke the magic of the season, whatever that is for me this year. I invite you to do the same--find your joy, however small that is.

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