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Praise for the Sparklebration

Sparkle Celebration: Testimonials

Deeply moving and powerful, but also a ton of fun!

Benjamin Gorman, Writers Not Writing Podcast

Absolutely amazing! No one's going to do something this awesome for me!


Whatever plans I had for what happens after my passing, I'm going to have to rethink them.




Lenny Gotter:

Photo by Lenny Gotter

Sparkle Celebration: About Me
Sparkle Celebration: Welcome

Kara Picante Muir Sparkle Celebration Crew & Cast

Technical Crew:

Director/Visionary: Charles Austin Muir

Technical Director: Jennie Komp

Stage Manager: Rob Messel

Audiovisual Tech: Luke Sevcik

Projector Tech: Brennan Cooper

House Manager: Jason Farnan

Stagehand: Justin Fox

Stagehand: Rachel Mudge


Celebrant: Justin Hypes

First Reader: Jennie Komp

Second Reader: Paula Lowden

First Musician: Jessica Dover, Mike Doolin

Second Musician: Jeff Overbo

Personal Tribute: Chanel Pichaco

Eulogy: Charles Austin Muir

Picante Spice: Jacque Messel, Beth Melin, Rachel Sinclair, Nicole Sevcik, Rachelle Landreth

The Hussies: Deanna Reed, Chanel Pichaco, Kristiana Kroneck, Shannon Hoyer, Sweetpea Rangel

Airpocalypse: Garth Donald, Jason Cheung, Rob Nechanicky, Charles Austin Muir

Ghost in the Theater: Mother Nature, Technology, Unprofessional Lighting Company

This does not count the many volunteers who helped with security, displays, catering, setup and teardown, media coverage, and background performances. You guys are hardcore and you rock.

Photo by Shereen Khoja

Kara Picante Muir Sparkle Celebration!

Time: 7 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 20, 2024

Place: Village Ballroom, 704 N.E. Dekum St., Portland, OR

No offense to anyone's granddad, but this ain't your granddad's funeral! This is gonna be a fiery rock 'n' roll celebration of my favorite Glitter Warrior. Tears, laughter, lamentations, inspiration, the energy is going to be wild! 

Friends, family, neighbors, associates, members of her healthcare team, all of you who know and love Kara, join us for a night to rock the halls of Valhalla!

This message brought to you by the scintillating Kara Picante Muir Sparkle Celebration Crew. 


  • Adults only

  • Kara Picante attire encouraged (shirts, leggings, anything with the Picante logo)

  • Casual, formal, or stylish wear also welcome

  • Show up at 7 p.m. when the doors open for a self-guided tour of Picante Con! 

  • ID required for alcohol but not admission

  • Early comers are encouraged to check out "Good Neighbor Pizza," "Firehouse Restaurant," or "Breakside," within two blocks of the venue.

  • No elevators or wheelchair ramps; entrance runs at a shallow incline with a handful of steps at the top

  • Please respect the performers' need for privacy once the show starts

  • Venue details

Sparkle Celebration: Text
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