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Butt Hurt

This is the first period in my chemotherapy experience aka “Sparkling Infusion” that I have not had an interruption. The first round I...

I walk the line.

I am taking a virtual nature journaling class right now. My herbalist/aromatherapist and basically Glenda The Good Witch incarnate, who...


Neither my pug Fiona nor I was shipped off to Guantanamo for being what our president referred to as “professional terrorists” so here we...

Good Gnus!

I was going to spell “News” the traditional way but then I remembered Gary Gnu from the “Great Space Coaster” and got silly, blame the...

Taxes and 1000 Pound Sisters

I hate doing my taxes. I just started them today and the stress has taken a bit of a toll on me. Every year this happens but every year I...

My vagina: The final frontier

Great title, right?! Ha! I thought of this as I met with my Radiation Oncologist recently. You see, when they shoot radiation into your...

Because life goes on

I am processing the death of my brother and my head hurts in that way it does when one is coming to terms with such a thing. In a sense I...

The Adventures of Kara Picante: Blog2

Welcome to my world! Come keep me company and maybe we can learn something together.

The Adventures of Kara Picante: Welcome

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