I Said I Just Didn’t Feel The Xmas Spirit...

AND then THIS happened!

A sense of humor is so important, especially when life’s diner seems to only offer shit sandwiches as their daily special. The last five years have been especially rough to say the least, so when life offers you a ridiculously large Santa in a house that you are fortunate enough to get to stay in, how can you resist being a little silly?

Due to COVID-19 I was not able to renew my drivers license that expired in June until today and in a town an hour and a half away. I made the appointment months ago and though I have been dealing with night fevers and sciatica, I couldn’t miss this appointment, Santa was worth the backache and body sweats, laughter is THE best medicine, especially these days. I have noticed a lot of my friends dragging and low lately through this ultra marathon of quarantine and idiocy and it is important to remember that if you can laugh, hope is not lost... At least for the moments when you can’t breathe and the laughter turns into belly aching and wheezing.

My advice: Find something that tickles you even if you have to force it a little whether it is a movie or a prank on a loved one. I personally have been moving a plastic bug in different areas of my house to scare my husband, I laugh when I place it somewhere then again when he finds it “KARA...” The gift that keeps on giving 🤪.

Wednesday I get a CT scan, wish me luck!

Until next time❤️

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