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Solstice is a time to manifest good things?! Sign me up!

Apparently there is a huge cosmic event happening as my thumbs type this. It is not only Winter Solstice but also the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which hasn’t happened in 800 years, though unfortunately due to clouds over clouds, us Oregonians (at least those of us in Portland), can’t see what a lot of people are erroneously calling the “Christmas Star.”

This is a good time to really focus and manifest a future that you want to live in (or at least attempt to). I have latched on to this idea and intend to put my intentions in a fire, I need to do all the things and so I am, hey 2021, how about that remission?!

This year has been a bit rough, Charles’ unemployment ran out and our government refuses to utilize the funds that we have all paid into to help those of us who are struggling. We chose to start a “Go Fund Me,” which was a painful decision but one we had to try... The amount of love and support that we have experienced is a gift and our goal was met within hours. I look forward to paying it back and forward someday. Even though I have stage 4 colorectal cancer (still 🙄) and have many annoying physical complications (I am looking at YOU butt abscesses), I am grateful for the love and support from our community and communities of our community. I am also grateful we can cover our mortgage and utilities for a minute while we get to a place where we can manage our lives again without having to ask for help.


Now go manifest our country into a place we can be proud of and I will too!

Until next time ❤️

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