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It is not the end of the world...Hopefully...

I stole this pic!

Here we are in full on holiday season and everything is still weird. We thought maybe a few weeks lockdown would nail this virus bitch but here we are. As a person who has slowly pulled herself out of social norms way before this situation, I am here to tell you that you will be just fine.

Here is my testimony for the jury 😜:

Exhibit A: I come from a pretty extensive family situation, dysfunctional and split. I spent a majority of my life trying to please everyone else, when I was a child I would often go to more than one Thanksgiving, I felt if I didn’t, feelings would get hurt therefore I ate full meals wherever I went. I think this is a common story. Over the years I would pick up that often people felt obligated to carry on certain traditions but instead of joy I felt their resentment, I don’t think this is uncommon either. In my late 30’s I decided to start opting out of these invitations, not because I don’t love my family or friends but more because I didn’t want to participate in that same way anymore. Big gatherings exhaust me so I decided to simplify by staying at home, wearing pajamas all day and making a nice meal sans turkey ( I really don’t give a crap about eating turkey.) This is not to say I haven’t broke this (relatively) newer tradition to do the family thing here or there but it is no longer obligatory, if I want to go than I go, it feels way better this way to me.

Exhibit B: For 4 years I did chair massage at the Portland Airport, after the second year I refused to work the Wednesday before Thanksgiving ever again because people were the absolute worst behaved, more so than any other time of year. I truly think this is an indication that more people than you might realize are super resentful about this tradition but are too afraid to say so, therefore the deep seated rage is taken out on service industry workers.

In conclusion:

I understand that this year is different for a lot of us who abided by these seemingly oppressive COVID-19 rules, I get it! All I am suggesting is that you can get through this holiday season a little differently and just maybe...😬 You might end up liking it a little bit.

On a different note: I will be throwing an online book launch party for my book “Fiona Plays With Her Beaver” via Facebook Live on Friday at 6:30 in case you are looking for something silly to watch, I promise to make it entertaining and not too long!

Please try and stay safe and healthy my friends.

Until next time ❤️

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