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Is it the turkey or the toxicity that is making me tired?

Just kidding, I am not a fan of turkey so that’s not it. I guess it is the social media that I am constantly checking these days that is helping me to feel some connection to loved ones and to remind me of all the various toxicity that I need to be aware of.... Toxic masculinity, toxic positivity, toxic comments, toxic relationships... There is always some well meaning person warning against some kind of toxicity or I should say several well meaning persons in what seems like an echo chamber made louder by our fractured country and quarantine.

We all seem to be yelling into this virtual void at times, I am tired of yelling and being yelled at. I am not going to forget all of the brokenness that I feel surrounded by but I am also going to grab fun and joy where I can get it and I am not going to feel bad about it when I do. Maybe this statement puts me in danger of being upgraded to a “Karen”, ha! Whatever, my name is already so close, why not?! 😜

I guess what I am saying is this toxicity call out culture is potentially really toxic. I get this new, behind the curtain, the Wizard is just a schill and the wicked witch is dead, new age that is happening but I do feel that our eyes are open...Well, some of our eyes but when there is a sort of collective nag that keeps echoing “yeah, but...” constantly, I think this is where people can start feeling exhausted and just give up, or maybe this is just me, who am I to speak for anyone else, really? Not that I personally feel like giving up, though I might hide you if you get annoying.

I intend to stay vigilant, Trump did do something good, he woke me up to a lot of the things that are wrong with our country and I don’t think I am the only one.

I believe the ultimate toxic epidemic is shame. The newest toxic call out “toxic positivity” is a bit loaded in my opinion. Yes, I agree, we can’t become complacent and think everything is just perfect but I think it is harmful to suck the optimism out of the room with this accusation, it can come across as harsh and judgmental. Really, can you truly know the mind and heart of someone from the gratitude meme they posted?

Personally, my world is already challenging enough, add everything else from the outside world and if I was a complete pessimist I might have kicked it by now, what would be the point of this continued existence? Again, I can only speak for myself but I bet I am not alone in feeling this way either.

On a different subject, I screwed up my hip this week hanging from a contraption that was supposed to stretch out my back. My body is very delicate these days, it is challenging to find the edges but I can’t learn anything if I don’t try. Learning can be painful for sure.

Thanks again for listening to my rambling, I am open to conversation about anything, so feel free to reach out if you are moved to or strongly disagree with me.

Until next time❤️

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