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I am bothered.

I am having issues with the continuing support for our lame duck president. I am especially bothered by the seemingly numerous amount of these people who claim to be “Christians” out one side of their mouths and out of the other side are actually calling for heads to be mounted on pikes 😳 I have been ruminating on why this bothers me the most and I think I figured it out... These kind of people use their religion to elevate themselves in their own minds, to make it okay to be hateful to anyone that doesn’t share their ideology, basically using Jesus and his name to be bullies.

I was raised Lutheran, I went to church until I was 18 years old and chose not to be confirmed, I have never taken commitment lightly. As a child I decided to be a Christian out of fear really, I thought that if I picked this team and didn’t do anything too bad I could make sure they would give me the password to get into heaven. As an adult, I finally came to the conclusion that I was not a Christian, at least not in the sense that I was going to pick one specific mascot and ideology to stand behind, when I came to the conclusion that I could start letting that go it was liberating. I don’t fault anyone that chooses to follow a certain religion at all but what I do take issue with is people that use their beliefs as if they are facts that pertain to everyone and those that do not bend to that will are lesser than.

I could go on about this but I won’t, onto next bothersome subject which is somewhat related to the above issue...

Healthcare, if you are ever in a position where you don’t have insurance and you really need it, well, this situation sucks. I tried to get insurance through the health exchange aka “Obamacare” and was told I didn’t qualify as I didn’t make enough money, nor did my husband who had recently run out of unemployment benefits. I was referred to Oregon Health Plan aka Medicaid. This situation depressed me, not recommended for those with health issues for sure but I made myself be okay with it. I did the application with help from a Providence Financial Counselor. A week later I received two letters from OHP, “You’ve been accepted“ AND “You’ve been denied.” The next day I received a message from the health exchange “We went ahead and re enrolled your coverage.” 😳 There is a lot more to this but I will save you the pain of reading about it, after 2 hours or so on the phone I have made a plan for calls I will make tomorrow....

The moral of this story? If we had Healthcare For All it would cut down unneeded stress for everyone especially those of us who’s gas tanks run on fumes. I hope you never have to deal with this if you never have. Don’t worry I will get it figured out.

In butt related news I have been experiencing fevers and night sweats again, hopefully I can figure out what is going on. I have definitely felt worse but still, this is concerning me. (I guess I should have titled this post “Bitch, bitch, gripe, gripe.” 🤪)

Please stay safe, it is really weird out there in our world right now 😘

Until next time❤️

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