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Give me some credit for writing this blog twice a week for over a year and today is the day I can’t think of a clever title. My abscess situation seems to have calmed down, I feel cautiously optimistic that I have jumped a hurdle on this recent situation though I can’t kid myself that there won’t be more bumps in the road (or in my ass). I am using this moment to take some breaths and to regroup. My oncologist knows her stuff in relation to what she does but there is no guidance regarding the right nutrition for me. When I was first diagnosed I was vegetarian/vegan lite and had been for a couple of years, I was extremely anemic due to internal bleeding and my doctor strongly urged me to start eating meat again, so I did. After being on this road for close to two years I am ready to start adjusting this aspect of my life though I admit, it is a bit overwhelming.

You might wonder why figuring out the correct way to eat would be overwhelming, I mean it’s just food, right? The problem is that when one has a disease, (really a lot of different diseases need a nutritional adjustment), this is the body telling the person that there are imbalances and these imbalances can be improved and sometimes corrected by mindful nutrition as well as other significant life changes. It can be incredibly confusing sifting through all of the different claims of the perfect diets to heal. I personally believe that there is not just one way for everyone but each individual has an ideal diet that will help to facilitate healing and support their body through potentially caustic treatments, one just has to crack their own code.

I lean towards a more vegetarian diet with some meat here and there. Though I have to make sure my food is more cooked and less raw. A raw diet can be great for some people, I am one of those people that in eastern medicine is categorized as “damp” (bring on the moist jokes 🙄) and if I were to do fresh juicing and all raw vegetables exclusively it might do me way more harm than good. My Oncologist has said “You need protein, what are you going to do, eat beans and rice?” Well, sometimes but there are other options which I am learning because this inflammation in my pelvis is not going away and I believe that medicine works best when the person who is being treated participates and is a part of the team...Here I am, the QB of team “Cancer, get the fuck out of me, this shit is getting really old.” I guess my mascot can be a smiling butthole flipping the bird.

Tonight I am going to make vegetarian gyros with marinated and grilled tofu. I think it sounds delicious but we will see. I will post a link with the recipe.

Until next time ❤️

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