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Keepin’ on Keepin’ on…

As I continue to feel better I want to support my body in the best way I can through this clinical trial. I am a person who follows the signs and messages that I receive (if I am paying attention.) I have never felt that there is one answer that fits all and I despise systems or diets that make promises that cannot be kept for everyone. A raw diet may be the answer for one persons issues but may essentially kill someone who has intense digestive problems. I think food is really important but I also understand being too militant can cause anxiety around ingesting anything other than what is felt to be the only option. I went through a period of time where even drinking tap water would stress me out because I was afraid of some sort of contamination, I found that this was affecting my mental health in a negative way and I had to loosen my grip on only drinking filtered water all of the time, sometimes it’s just not possible and I had to become okay with that. Organic food is important in some cases and a gimmick in others and if one ever wants to eat out from a restaurant or food cart, you kind of have to let that control go to a certain extent. Ultimately I pick and choose what’s important and try and stick to a plan that won’t drive me crazy but will also not make it harder for my body to heal. Not too much sugar, minimal meat, fruit and vegetables (I eat a lot of yams) AND chocolate with some ice cream here and there…Life has to be worth living!

One of the cool things I discovered not too long ago was given to me by a dear person in my life, I am not sure they knew the healing properties of the flower tea that they had gifted me but it’s called Butterfly Pea Flower and when steeped in hot water will turn said water blue and if you add something acidic such as lemon, the water will turn bright violet. Though pretty colors are neat, the really interesting fact about this plant is that it has strong anti-cancer properties along with a ton of other benefits, here is a quote from an article I will link to:

“Along with all of these other benefits, Butterfly Pea is one of, if not the only, species of plant to produce the specific peptides called cyclotides. (10)Although medical studies of the effects of the cyclotides in this flower are still preliminary, evidence shows them being toxic to cancer cells, as well as exhibiting properties that fight against HIV, various forms of cancer, and other harmful diseases. On top of the powerful cyclotides, the flower is also anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and stimulates blood flow throughout the body, which can help to relieve the symptoms experienced when suffering from a harmful disease.(11)

The Butterfly Pea Flower tea (which I recently ordered an organic batch off of Amazon) is a little too subtle on its own for me so I have been mixing with chamomile (for my on and off yeast situation) and dandelion tea (liver detoxification) along with local honey. I find that this is a good way to supplement my body in a healthy yet delicious way and depending on my mood can be tweaked with different teas, I have been adding a bag of Moroccan Mint to my concoction lately. However I am not an herbalist nor an expert and am doing this from my own intuition, I have no idea what I am doing but it feels right for me.

My husband has suggested that I might think about adding more exercise to my daily routine, which I am excited to do, though I need to proceed slowly and not get too ahead of myself. I think I will try and hoola hoop on a regular basis again and go from there, I don’t think I am quite ready to start pole dancing yet, though that is a definite goal.

It is such a relief to feel good again…I sometimes find it hard to believe.

Until next time ❤️

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