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The path is uncertain but I walk it just the same

Today has been one of THOSE kind of days in a series of not much happening sort of days. I don’t want to burden you with the gawd damn fuckery of it all, mostly because if I say it aloud or write it aloud it will be true. Since I abhor vague posts I will come clean and show you my figurative knickers… I may be brewing an abscess… I said it. I haven’t taken my antibiotics for over a month and on Monday I started feeling that sort of discomfort, not bad but it’s knocking. As I have been taking the trial drug this past week I have been feeling clearer in my head and I seem to be getting more energy, I am terrified I will be kicked out of the trial because of this. I don’t know if I will be but I am indeed concerned, the ball slipping out of my mitt, I want to kick and scream on the floor like I did that one time in the store when mom said I couldn’t have Nilla Wafers.

Second awful thing…There is a mouse in my house, or maybe more 🤢 I have watched “Hoarders” and this made me feel so ashamed when I found the evidence of a rodent party. I will say that I did have the energy to clean the nook in my kitchen, I will hopefully wake up with the same, if not more energy to continue my quest to organize my clutter, I guess I should be grateful to the gross little dicks philandering across my space with some kind of gumption…I will get you Dick bags, humane traps are on the way and there is a park a couple blocks away.

A long time ago in a galaxy or at least a neighborhood far, far away, I co-founded a spa with someone who I ultimately couldn’t stay partners with. The building had been empty for awhile and as it turned out, was infested with rats. I didn’t like the idea of killing them but found out we could get in trouble for humanely trapping and releasing. My partner and her soon to be husband felt that it was bad for their karma so I was tasked with taking care of the problem 😳 I asked the rats to leave and told them of my sordid plan before I put out the poison… Let me tell you, dead rat in the wall is almost as bad as hearing their mating cries as you are trying to give a relaxing experience to your clients. The moral of my story? Don’t go into business with someone who isn’t willing to shoulder the hard shit AND even though I hate it, Febreeze will cover up the smell of decaying rodent.

I hope you had a better day than me, ha!

Until next time ❤️

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