The itch is back!

I have had quite a few good days! Long walks and mowing the lawn kind of days! The funny thing about feeling better is that I tend to question it, wonder when it will be bad again...They told me I would never get better. I shoo the thought that keeps jumping into my brain but the doubt is always there at least a little. I have no idea how the rest of my story will be written, I am not a foregone conclusion. There goes my little emo again but I am a bit high right now as to get ahead of this infernal itching stemming from the radiation burn on my under carriage, a small price to pay for feeling better but not easy to sleep through unless I am medicated. I look forward to tomorrow and hopefully still feeling better,

Charles and I made a song and a video to go with our movie trailer "Butt Hard". It might sound a little bit like "For Your Eyes Only", I am not sure why, ha!

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