My air guitar super talent? I give good face. Cue Madonna and strike a pose.

2019 Portland Air Guitar Championships. Photo courtesy of Lenny Gotter

At its best, air guitar is performance art. At its worst... well, at least it's sixty seconds. Better than an ironic, off-key karaoke performance of "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

Having been a karaoke deejay and listened to many performances of "Total Eclipse of the Heart," I believe that if you can stand before a crowd and earnestly entertain the audience with nothing but an imaginary instrument in your hands, you are brave...very brave. Also a complete dork. Good for you!

Anyway, at my first air guitar competition, I had no idea what I was doing. What made me entertaining--if not high-scoring--was not so much what my hands were doing, but my face. Finally, my big mouth and chipmunk cheeks gave me an advantage.

Like my technical skills, I worked on my competitive facial expressions for the next nine years. Yes, I know that sounds silly, but, you know... air guitar.

Anyway, here is my short video tutorial, "How To Give Good Face." Please note: I had my fourth chemotherapy session a few days ago and did not feel like putting on stage makeup. I wanted to do something fun, so here you go.

I hope you enjoy.

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