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You have now entered The Twilight Zone

Updated: Mar 24

Seriously, what is happening?! When I was a kid Mount Saint Helens blew, it scared the crap out of me, I was not quite 10 years old. I lived in a little place called Olney which is situated about 5 miles outside of Astoria Oregon and the ash fell like snow. It felt like the end of the world was imminent. I expected the ring of fire to ignite Mount Hood next and when my dad would take me night skiing I would pray that we wouldn’t be vaporized when the mountain finally blew.

The threat of nuclear war was always there breathing down our necks in the early 80’s, when the movie “Red Dawn” came out and I watched it I thought “Yeah, that sounds reasonable, I better get some survival skills.” Unfortunately the only survival skills I learned as a Girl Scout was selling cookies, which I was very good at (back in the day we went door to door sans parental units) but I am not sure how that would help me in a zombie apocalypse, it seems like I could find out soon.

Life is always uncertain but this virus and how the authorities are handling it on top of some people blatantly ignoring social distancing and sometimes thumbing their noses and figuratively flicking their Coronavirus infected boogers at the establishment, making this situation worse than it might have been, it’s terrifying. Though I am trying not to immerse myself in a pool of terror, I can’t help peeking at the news on a sometimes hourly basis, hoping for our government to actually help us. For reals. I have adventures that are on my to-do list and it seriously takes the fun out of that daydream if I can‘t leave my house and everyone is dropping dead from a preventable pandemic.

We need a reboot. Clearly the earth and its creatures are enjoying the world quarantine, just ask the dolphins in the canals of Venice Italy. The lovely thing about this situation is that we have been forced to stop the day to day routine of getting up to make the donuts, counting the years, months, weeks, days and minutes to retirement. We are forced to be in the moment, sometimes that moment is worrying about finding toilet paper and not spreading or receiving gnarly germs but also trying out activities that there was never time for before.

My advice as someone who has been quarantined off and on for almost a year due to an internal zombie apocalypse, is to take advantage of this reset. Enjoy doing nothing, recharge, learn the ukulele, have conversations with your mouths, play, be silly, and practice kindness for yourself and others (of course maintaining a 6 foot radius when the kindness is outside of your home).

That‘s all I have got for today, I don’t know if my ramblings and excessive use of gifs is useful or entertaining to anyone but myself but I hope they are.

What am I going to do in this moment? Why go wash my poor pug Fiona’s itchy, dermatitis ridden cooter per veterinarian instructions with medicated shampoo 😳

What would you do for love? I know what Meatloaf would say, ha!

Anyway...Please be safe, stay healthy and hold on, we can make it through this ♥️

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1 Comment

Mar 24, 2020

Ha that mountain blew on my 5th birthday. I had nightmares about volcanoes for years. The ash snow was eerily pretty. Thank you for the thoughts, such a helpful perspective. 💖🏔💖

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