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WTF? Can I get an amen?

Amidst the political unrest, climate change issues and a pandemic, my cancer continues along with the treatment, I asked if I could schedule my disease for another, potentially more placid time but it would not negotiate. My dog Cooper, at this point still has his eye and it seems to be getting better, which is great! Though I will have to put this phone down for a minute to go fetch him as he has a tendency to put himself into a Blair Witch like corner of the yard due to his myopic issues right now. It sucks because it is getting cold and wet outside and I am fresh off of a chemotherapy week, nausea steering my wheel, it seems like there is no break in sight these days, it can be a bit exhausting.

On a positive note my butt indeed does feel better for the moment. I told my body that the tumor would melt out of me and indeed it seems to be doing that, just in an unfortunate way at times that create abscesses that have to be lanced, at least this last lancing was in the doctors office and was over pretty quickly.

These are weird times...I know this is the most obvious statement but even if I didn’t have cancer these would be crazy times, my disease just makes it even more insane to say the least. I never thought I would watch the child of a president call for people to take up arms to defend an election that is most certainly (in his potentially cocaine addled brain) going to be “stolen” by the “radical left”, seriously weird fucking times that I never in my wildest dreams imagined would be happening in the USA.

I am feeling pretty crappy at this moment, so much so that I thought about giving my thumbs a night off but considering that my job is mostly just surviving and trying to heal right now, I keep typing and hope that tomorrow will be a bit better for everyone. I am sure it will be after I dump all of these ballots in the river 🙄

Until next time ❤️

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