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Why do people have to be so mean?

Updated: Mar 24

Fiona mean mugging

I apologize ahead of time for my stream of consciousness rant that is about to happen, please know that I wish the best for all of us and will return to my positive love fest in the next episode.

It seems like conversations are going out of style, at least on social media. I am noticing a sort of reverse trolling, as in post a question and then lay in wait to pounce like a naughty kitten hiding behind a door looking for innocent toes to bite. It is becoming a culture of being right, points of view written in cement. White people are tearing their hair out and ripping each other to shreds lamenting the sins of their ancestors yet refusing to wear masks to protect others from a plague because it is inconvenient and uncomfortable, they want to go to bars and get their hair cut because this is America and freedom means you don’t have to give a fuck about anyone but yourself apparently... The teeth gnashing name calling and butt showing is getting to me a little bit I have to admit.

I think all of this fighting is exactly what the powers that be want, a distraction from the messed up things happening in our world. Call me a crazy conspiracy theorist but not everyone is suffering hardships right now, follow the money and if you listen hard enough you can hear the fiddle playing as we all burn, people are being murdered and children are still in cages on our border...

I watched the documentary called “13th” on Netflix, it was very illuminating, I wish everyone would watch it so we could have a discussion about it that didn’t involve ripping each other down. If high school teachers taught history how things really happened I don’t think I would have ever fallen asleep in class.

Unfortunately I can’t take a timeout from dealing with my health right now, I have to work towards getting stronger in my somewhat atrophied body, laying on a couch for the better part of a year will not tone ones muscles, this I can assure you and being virtually beat up by an angry bully on Facebook for putting a fact check article in the wrong place on a conversation thread will not help me achieve full vitality... The world may indeed be on fire right now but we still have to find ways to live in it if we can, so I do.

My husband Charles has started working with me in his gym, as well as being a writer he is also a certified personal trainer who used to work for one of the most gifted people/chiropractors I have ever known and who has since retired. My goal is to build up my strength in order to potentially start pole dancing again as well as get some tone back, jello isn’t just for ambrosia salad, amiright?

I will attach our first video as we intend to document my progress and hopefully prove that a 50 year old woman can keep getting stronger and still have a viable life despite living with stage 4 cancer. I am eager to find out myself.

Love to you.

Until next time ❤️

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