To abscess or not to abscess, that is the question AGAIN…

My butt is complicated, if you didn’t know. In fact my case is complicated, I just don’t seem to follow the normal rules…I think there are a few people in my life that this does not surprise and whether good or bad I seem to still be here. I have to go to a wound care clinic once a week and they don’t really know what to do with me or how to categorize what my butt is going through. I was sure I had an abscess and maybe I do but IF I do it is not close to the surface like the last few. This territory is a bit different for me as well as I am not having fevers nor feeling excessively tired but who knows if this is a positive effect of the hyperbaric chamber? The wound care clinic wants my surgeon to determine what is going on and what direction my butt should go in if there is a direction to go in, this is not my favorite, I am not a fan of surgery but I do have a mini Kuato (Total Recall reference) popping out beside one of my wounds and a portion of my upper gluteal cleft is really hard and not from excessive squats or glute bridges. I am still oozing out of all of my holes, it’s like a fucked up stinky water park in my pants…I am hoping this will get better, it’s a possibility it will because of the HBC but it’s a crap shoot, fingers crossed.

I see my surgeon this Thursday, I will let you know what he says but other than my emo butt I am still pretty good and I haven’t quit the IT program yet…Halfway there.

Until next time ❤️

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