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The struggle is real.

Wow! What a prophetic title as my whole blog post that I wrote last night disappeared before I could publish what I wrote 😳 Technology is such a Fickle mistress 😜

I saw my Radiation doctor for a follow up yesterday. Her hair was in cool braids which I complimented at which she said “I saw you on the schedule and felt you would appreciate my effort.” And I did! The hospital was more ghost towny than ever, visitors being blocked from entry by national guard members.

The hallway between Emergency entrance and the cancer center.

The follow up appointment was a standard, just checking in but what she helped me with was trying to understand my nausea and what to do to get ahold of it. I am hopeful and I will let you know how that works out and what worked. Nausea is not something you want to live with on a regular basis, like an unwanted houseguest.

I am worried I am becoming that person who can’t stop talking when in the presence of other humans. If I do this with you I give you permission to point it out. Just be gentle 🙂 and slowly start backing away.

I was inducted into the US Air Guitar Hall of Fame last week. I wubbied a little too much so we decided to make a more controlled acceptance speech which still could be better but what can’t be.

Until next time❤️


I got my Moderna booster and besides a fever last night I am not too bad.

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