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The long game.

I woke up this morning with lots of thoughts in my head. This is my usual waking up situation, a bizillion voices in many different directions shouting over each other, so many “to do’s” and “what if’s” make my brain spin as I check in to my body and listen for potential explosions inside and outside as I am also waiting for the other political shoe to drop...My brain is busy as my body remains frozen. As I try to work out the problems of the world as well as my body I lay immobile, almost helpless, life these days feels burdensome and too much with not enough pay-off.

This is not my goodbye letter, far from it but it makes me wonder about this collective energy that I do not believe is mine. I like solutions, nothing makes me crazier than living in the whiffle waffle but it seems like this is where our society is living right now. Compromise seems to be off of the table, name calling and hate is the new Coke (hopefully like that miscalculation in the 80’s it will eventually pass.) I think all this divisiveness is a distraction, a ploy to make people with different ideas and perspectives hate each other. What happened to discussions?

At times it feels as if we are living in the movie “Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers,” as I can be hesitant to share my thoughts for fear of being “cancelled” immediately, I am not sure when our world switched from technicolor to black and white but this is a cancer just as serious as the one in my body as I write this. Do you notice how easy it is these days to dismiss ideas and people? I don’t think being dismissive is a proper solution. A prime example right now is Donald Trump. You would think an election would be a perfect device to oust someone as we have done in the past but these times are notably different, I just don’t think we can get away with following the same protocols and not doing the work. Our current situation is a product of not addressing the needs of the people in our country and I don’t mean just racism though that is definitely a huge issue. Classism is a serious problem as well... I said it, cancel me if you must, my body has been doing that job for you anyway, ha!

The United States has turned into a less fun and musical version of “Westside Story.” I have a theory (and this goes back to classism) that a rift has been formed between the supposed “haves” and ”have nots,” this is not necessarily in a monetary way but more in an educational and personal way. I myself have been annoyed at this accusation regarding higher education, I chose to go to trade school for massage, I have met plenty of highly educated people who are not all that smart or open-minded but this accusation has a way of putting people off who might be open to new ideas but because others disparage their lack of a higher education, they close themselves off to new ideas...Potentially.

Again, I am just rambling and what do I know? I just want to live in a world where you don’t have to step on someone to get a good view. I originally was going to talk about the fact that I am still alive a year and a half after my cancer diagnosis and how annoying it is that I am not better but then it turned into what I wrote...The voices in my head seem to be competing for control of my thumbs.

If I can accomplish anything with my words it would be that they might make someone pause before they instantly dismiss someone, nobody knows everyone’s point of view and we are never too old to learn. We do not have to agree at all but to find some understanding whether it is of other points of view or of ourselves would be ideal.

Until next time ❤️

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