The long and winding road.

I am a dreamer but also a pragmatic person, always picturing and hoping for a better future BUT with the thought that if I died before doing my taxes that could be the cream cheese frosting on a shit cake. Now that I am feeling SO much better, not only do I have to do my taxes again but I really have to actively pursue some new ways to bring income into our lives. As I still have cancer and I am continuing on this clinical trial that will at the least keep this disease at bay and at the most facilitate ultimate healing, I have to find creative ways to pull us out of the financial quicksand without out too much strain on me. I want to start practicing massage on a smaller scale than I was, I tried to do this the first year I was in treatment and my body tanked pretty quickly, so I will have to proceed with caution. I found a non profit program that I applied to and was accepted into for a 14 week intensive that will train me to be able to work as an IT Support person if I can successfully finish the program but that doesn’t start until July and is not a guarantee that I can find a job that will work for me but I am super willing to give it a shot.

Watching TikTok videos has taught me that there are so many side hustles that I can potentially pay my bills with, like making and selling NFT’s (I still can’t figure out what NFT’s are 😳) to even weirder things like selling farts in a jar or nail clippings to people who actually want this kind of thing, no shade to those who do. I once had a client who’s husband told her I was the best friend she had to pay for, which WAS pretty hilarious…What I really loved about working as a Massage Therapist for 20 years was helping people physically for sure and in other ways as well. I am not, nor ever have been a licensed counselor but I was supportive of my clients when they were in need, whether it be some big life or health crisis, connecting them to others who could help them or trouble shooting a career change, I have always loved to be of service in this way. Hopefully my children’s books will sell a million copies soon so I can do whatever I want without needing to be paid, ha!

I am just thinking out loud with my thumbs, a surprising yet hopeful place to be for someone like me who wasn’t necessarily supposed to be here let alone feeling like I could actually live a life where I am not pinned to a couch or a hospital bed.

I am swimming in a pool of possibilities, perhaps this is just a dream but I am going to plan for a future and see what happens.

Until next time ❤️

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