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Still feeling good 😳

Before I got really sick and was diagnosed with cancer I was a person who loved to go to karaoke bars. I even was a part-time KJ for a year, which I loved for about 6 months and didn’t so much care for the last 6 months of hosting, excessively drunk people get under my skin but what stayed consistent for me was my love for singing, especially in front of strangers. Anyone knows that when they get sick it’s hard to focus on anything else but when you are suffering from a lengthier illness the tide can ebb and flow. I have had moments where I felt good through this situation but not for quite a few months lately and throughout that period after I had finished illustrating the last book, I had spent a lot of time conserving what energy I had and watching all of the documentaries my streaming subscriptions had to offer. I would think about singing, I have my own karaoke machine but I just couldn’t, whether from lack of energy or the problematic cough I had developed which I blamed on the winter weather but suspected the suspicious spots on my lungs that my doctor was keeping an eye on. Literally a day after starting the trial drug my brain fog was moderately diminished and though my energy is not up to normal standards it is getting better and the cough that I had been dealing with since November has disappeared. I still am spending plenty of time taking it easy but things like singing, though a little rough, are possible again right now. One never knows if this is a promise of good things to come or a temporary reprieve, I definitely want to focus on getting better but the path can be slippery so I will try and watch my footing and aim for the “getting better” fork in the road.

Until next time ❤️

A little air guitar to go with the singing…I think I still got it, ha!

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Eric Laub
Eric Laub
14 feb 2022

|m| (that's my ascii metal hand!)

Mi piace

Mark Thibodeau
Mark Thibodeau
11 feb 2022

You are so freaking adorable.

Mi piace
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