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Pennies from heaven?

Updated: Mar 24

I had an 8am appointment with my oncologist this morning and I live with a true night owl. I decided to give him a break as my husband seriously deserves one and take a Lyft for the first time since the quarantine started as chemotherapy this round is literally nauseating. When I got ready in the bathroom attached to my massage room, I noticed a penny on the floor, a random coin seemingly out of nowhere. I told myself that if I pick it up and look at the year, if it has my birth year on it, I think it just might be a message from the beyond (call me a weirdo, but this is how I am.) Sure enough, “1970” was on the penny but what does it mean?

I have been a person who sees signs all of my life. I want to believe! I am the agent Mulder of that kind of intangible thing such as magic, miracles and communing with loved ones and guides from the other side. I don’t know anything definitively but I am open, I have had experiences that enforced this belief and so when I find a random penny in a room that is not high trafficked nor frequented with people that are dropping money out of their pockets it makes me wonder what someone from the other side could be saying... “Hi, see you soon” is a thought/fear, I mean we all end but I am hoping to have some real adventures and accomplishments before I get out of dodge... Maybe someone is saying “We are supporting you” or it could be Charles’ Grandmother Bernice, who’s house we now live in trying to tell me she is annoyed that we have dogs, ha! It could also just be something I dropped and didn‘t realize but that is a boring theory.

I made it to the hospital and was approved for chemo, my red blood cells were a bit low. They gave me an iron infusion to go with my nuclear and sparkly cocktail. I am full of of IV fluids and cannabis as I write this.

Charles picked me up and we took both Fiona and Cooper, our pugs to the vet, Coop’s eye is getting better but still needs medicine, Fiona we will find out her blood results soon, my house is full of sickos, ha! You see why I have to do nice things for my husband, he has taken on so much in these times and I appreciate him.

When we got home the mail came and we got the physical copy of “Fiona Plays With Her Beaver,” it is glorious and available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Other online retailers too! We will have copies to sell as well and can personally distance deliver if you are local. This is super exciting to me to be able to offer something that I made that is sweet and funny, especially when I have been a bit blue lately. Being able to offer something that is tangible and positive that I created is so cool to me. I will attach a link in the event you would like to pre-order.

Until next time ♥️

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