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One crawl at a time

I had a massage client who was an Iron Man Athlete. During one of the competitions this person suffered a major injury that would lead to surgery. They crawled over the finish line. That's what it feels like I am doing, nothing is easy and I rely on a lot of people to help me. "Stay positive." Is the usual response to this call. I would argue that navigating the hard feelings is not negative, it's necessary, if you don't face the dark it's gonna hit you when and where you least expect it.

I feel better everyday but still, progress is slow, I did have an abscess burst yesterday, it was dramatic and bloody but I feel relief from the pressure so that is definitely a positive.

I have been pretty antisocial, if I haven't reached out please don't take it personally, there is a lot of energy required just to be social, especially with 50lbs of water weight making it hard to breath. I am a little like a slow drain and I cannot get rid of this water fast enough. That being said, it's feeling easier.

Everyday I get a little better but sometimes it doesn't feel like enough.

I want to nap a lot.

Until next time ❤️

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