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Now that the world is opening up for everyone else my world is getting smaller...Thanks? 😳

I was too lazy to draw bars. Bricks will have to do.

Link above is my pro-mask PSA, maybe my perspective can be helpful. I promise it is mildly funny and not too harsh.

As Oregon starts phase one “Operation let’s really get stupid now” my oncologist strongly urged me to disappear into my own controlled environment, the reasoning is 2-fold, first I am in the middle of immune suppressing chemotherapy and anyone in this position would have to be cautious regardless of a zombie apocalypse or not, the second reason is due to the inane behavior of a bigger than my doctor is comfortable with, contingent of our society. If you are reading this and you are one of those not complying because you are tired of protecting others from your cooties.... Ummmm..... Thank You for insuring that my life has to be even smaller than I have had to make it. You think 3 months is an inconvenience? Try a year and counting, I had to be careful BEFORE covid-19 now shit is really locked down for me, lucky I lived pretty isolated for a lot of my childhood due to an agoraphobic, super strict mother, I trained for this, ha.

I am very good at entertaining myself, children these days are being given an opportunity through the forced isolation to exercise their imaginations a little more these days. This being said, we all would like to get into the larger world at least occasionally and if you could be a part of it regardless of your beliefs you would earn the gratitude of those of us in the more compromised state of health.

If you truly think that wearing a mask is an infringement on your rights what do you think you are doing for mine and the others that are struggling to maintain some kind of life? I do it for you as well as myself, can you help us out? See what happens if we all put in the work? I don’t pretend to have definitive answers for this pandemic but those that absolutely embrace not wearing masks because of all sorts of petty reasons, a lot of them just straight selfish and bullshit excuses are not going to make it easy to find out if it can help... I mean other countries seem to be showing way more improvement in their numbers, I thought the USA was addicted to winning but apparently winning at empathy isnt going to make it into the Olympics... Forgive my snark, I am truly blown away by the aggressive anger and apathy by those that have not been directly touched by the plague or a disease that makes your life incredibly limited right now. Don’t get too comfortable, nobody is immune forever, this is something that you can rely on. I say this, not to be a jerk but to convince you to be proactive, eat healthier, be a part of a solution that can allow people in my position to have a tad bigger life.

For those of you doing the best you can right now to shut this virus down, thank you so much.

Luckily I live with a gifted personal trainer mindful of individual short comings and who is gentle when he needs to be while creating exercise direction that is effective without being too taxing. I will attach his latest video at the end of this blog. Stay healthy and keep hanging on! We are in this together whether we like it or not 😘

Until next time ❤️

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