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Navigating between the sick.

I just had to take a break to dry heave a minute ago, my nausea peaking and filling my mouth with saliva, a sure sign that I needed to retch. I don’t vomit, at least not since I was 12 but the motions of throwing up I am compelled to do to find relief. It’s better now so here I continue.

Despite what I had to do a few minutes ago, it seems like I am slowly making headway, the steady sick feeling graduating to an intermittent one is better. There was one day this week I had no incident of nausea at all, that felt hopeful. I have also been able to eat more food so that’s progress as well…This is all so boring. I even thought about skipping tonight’s post but I committed to this even if “Adventures” is in the title of this blog, apparently some adventures are not so fun 😳 That being said, change is good and healing is not always pretty or cheerful.

Despite everything, I do feel stronger. When I get up in the morning to feed the dogs, my gait is solid and my balance is really good, these are improvements compared to the first 6 months of this year.

I have immunotherapy on Wednesday, we will see what the conventional medicine says about me, my numbers and such, though I fear I haven’t gained the 2 pounds my doctor told me to gain but I will let you know.

It‘s always darkest before dawn and my life has been incredibly dark at other times comparatively. I feel like I am in the rinse cycle and have about 15 minutes to spin this shit out, then I will be put in the dryer to smooth my wrinkles, ha!

Until next time❤️

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