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Maudlin much…Again?

Sometimes I feel like my butt is a never ending, all you can eat buffet of ooze and disappointment. This feeling is intensified by my impending visit to see my surgeon today, a person who I genuinely like but he’s a surgeon and my booty is problematic. This is a scheduled follow up but there are areas of concern between my folds and I worry about what he will say or recommend. I find that I live my life better when I am not being scrutinized up close and personal and I long for a time when a visit to the doctor is just a routine check up, this hamster wheel marathon is exhausting at times and I feel it most under the microscope of others.

I actually feel pretty good despite the constant drip in my pants, though that part wears on me at times. I know women can relate to this regarding those endless periods that can happen. This is not quite like that, it’s more like a laser light show varying colors and textures with smellivision thrown in as a bonus occasionally…I know, gross, but I imagine some of this gunk has been inside me for awhile, I can’t help but think of myself like a tauntaun and Han Solo saying “I thought she smelled bad on the outside.” As he shelters inside my prone cavity.

I spew these thoughts out of my thumbs like the non stop fluid from my body “Better out than in.”

The hyperbaric chamber therapy is a slow process. I have hope it’s going to help me I just don’t know when or how I will see the results. I have about 30 more treatments to go, halfway there.

The happy news is that I get to see a couple of my favorite people which happens after my appointment today and I am really excited to see them, my day will get better.

I hope you have a good day too.

Until next time ❤️

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