It’s the little things.

I woke up yesterday morning, fed and peed my dogs, drank my coffee and watched 90 Day Fiancé on Amazon and I realized that I had energy…I was restless and I also thought “What should I do?!” It has been unusually cold and rainy this Spring but so far that morning it was dry and not so bone chilling, therefore I thought it might be time to weed the flower beds on both sides of my front porch, a task that had been weighing on me for close to a year. Earlier in the week I had purchased a battery powered weed whacker which was surprisingly heavy or I was just that out of shape and after I tackled the back and front yard, I was pretty tired, not really surprising considering my situation pre clinical trial…It’s like those comedy movies where the star wakes up from a 20 year coma and falls flat on their face when they step out of bed but maybe not quite that dramatic. I filled up the yard debris with grass, weeds and dead branches from our poor rhododendron that had been scorched by last years heat wave from hell, it was so satisfying.

When you spend so much time laying down stuck to a couch like metal to a magnet, tasks like yard work are like a dream and so far out of reach. Was I tired after cleaning up the flower beds and planting the hydrangea that my aunt gave me? A little but I was able to take my dog on a long walk and it didn’t knock me out for 3 days, I felt normal person tired, a dream come true.

Until next time ❤️

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