I feel good!

I felt so good today I almost forgot to write my blog post! Not a bad problem to have but I like to stay consistent so here I am. I have a theory that I may feel better due to my naturopathic appointments last week, I don’t know how to explain the difference from my last chemo 2 weeks ago and the one I am on now. The first one I definitely had some side effects and had to keep ingesting a steady stream of cannabis edibles with a side of RSO, today I just now took some gummies and only for the sake of getting me to sleep, I am having no fatigue, cramps or nausea 😳 This is definitely noteworthy and I feel that dreaded hope, ha!

In 2016 after we had 3 deaths in our family within a little over a year I decided to write some erotic friend fiction to post on Facebook, inspired by Tina from the show “Bob’s Burgers” it was a creative distraction in the midst of loss and concerning physical symptoms. Charles had copied and kept my flash fiction erotica and so I decided to read some of the ridiculous stories on Facebook Live this evening. I won’t share any of those ones publicly but I also wrote some erotic FAN fiction, I will post the video of the one I wrote for the Winchester brothers from the show “Supernatural” here just for fun.

I visited virtually with a bunch of my air guitar peeps, I am not good with Zoom, I think it is my introverted nature that makes me mostly wallflower in these situations but I interacted a little more than usual and soaked in the company of some of my favorite people. Its been a good day.

Until next time ❤️

P.S. 2 days left to order from my T-shirt campaign if you didn’t want to miss out!

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