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Holy crap! My book is coming out tomorrow officially and we made an audio version to go with it!!

My friend, current World Air Guitar champion and voice actor Rob Messel, agreed to record himself reading “Fiona Plays With Her Beaver” and I can definitely say that the final product is indeed glorious. I asked him to do this because I remembered how much I loved those books that came with records when I was a child and I wanted to recreate that experience and so now with Robs help we have. It will be available on ITunes and Spotify just to name a few places one could listen if they want to.

It’s funny, I have noticed a trend on social media of some moms lamenting about the mental health of their children due to these prolonged restrictions. It makes me wonder, though I can’t speak on personal experience of having a child in my home in these times but I just think kids are very, very resilient. Going from my own genX experience I lived in a pretty isolated area in the country with my agoraphobic mom who didn’t really like me to go to my friends house that was a mile away as often as I wanted to go. This meant playing all sorts of board games with my mom who would negotiate with me “You don’t have to clean your room if you will play Parcheesi with me.” When not entertaining my mom I was excellent at entertaining myself with not even half the cool things today that kids have access to. If my step-dad took me someplace in the car, which I would often be left in for sometimes an hour or two while he serviced 🙄 poker machines in bars, I just had to read my book or stare into space. Look at me, I worked out...Kinda 😬

Though I am definitely not an advocate of leaving children in cars for hours, I guess what I am saying is that kids these days are gonna be okay, especially if they don’t have adults telling them that they aren’t going to be, that they should feel damaged because they can’t go to school, maybe it‘s us adults who have to worry about our own stability and not projecting that onto anyone else.

These are just my thoughts and I don’t think everyone is like this at all, just an observation and a thought I felt like sharing. I also want you to know that if you are feeling mildly unhinged, you aren’t alone but we are going to get through this, I promise as much as that’s worth.

Until next time ❤️

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