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Here I go again...

I started feeling the telltale signs of abscess yesterday, the pressure like a balloon under my skin, the discomfort when my weight shifted to the right side, the fatigue, almost a month from the last surgery. My ass is starting to look like an entree from Benihana’s...Well I assume so, I try not to look at my poor backside, I just don’t want to know but I wouldn‘t be surprised if there were shrimp tails sticking out of it at this point. I already had an appointment with my surgeon scheduled so I saw him today. He attempted to get to the abscess in office but could not get quite deep enough, so here I am, potentially going to be operated on again tomorrow if this doesn’t resolve.

This situation along with the season, including all the insane weather and the craziness of people who want to believe that a couple frozen wind turbines and not the frozen natural gas lines are the reason Texans are suffering power outages during the severe weather, is a bit much. Between my persnickety body and the willful blindness of some people, I may just lose my mind.

I woke up at 3:35am this morning and ended up finishing the latest Kardashian season, never going back to sleep. I can feel the exhaustion as I write this, I may fall asleep soon even though it’s not quite 8pm so I am going to make this brief and hope I have better and more fun things to talk about next week.

Wish me luck on resolving my situation by tomorrow!

Until next time❤️

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