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The Glitter Warrior: Inspired by Frank Frazetta’s “Silver Warrior”

Neither my pug Fiona nor I was shipped off to Guantanamo for being what our president referred to as “professional terrorists” so here we are. I was feeling a bit heavy and a tad hopeless in the last few days as I delved into social media, reading the sheer amount of awfulness being perpetuated in words and deeds. I just don’t understand the lack of empathy that seems to be spreading, somewhat like a pandemic in itself. I had to take a break for a bit, I don’t like getting to the point where I start asking why I am actually trying to live in a world where someone would define me as part of “the violent left”, seriously nothing seems to make sense in that world, so I decided to look away for a minute and focus on making art, it has been rejuvenating, opposite of staring into the whirling dervish of bullshit that blizzards divisiveness across the internet.

My energy had been depleted last week, I think stemming from blowing my wad trying to win the air guitar competition a week ago as well as a general disappointment in people, we all can do so much better. I realized that I was not helping myself heal, quite the opposite, so I decided to draw as well as work on a mosaic... I know that sounds senseless when everyone is being called to arms in a way like we are in a war, whether it be to show up and bodily protest, to constantly educate ones self and others, donate money or energy to one cause or another and to just be vigilant about making sure the correct information is always accessible to whomever needs to know it...Basically be constantly busy in a purposeful way, I get it! I want to help but there has to be some kind of balance, so I draw, I mosaic and I look away from the verbal mayhem for a bit in order to not lose my mind. Here is a grouting diy video I made just for fun.

Until next time. ❤️

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