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Goopy but not fevered

After my mild panic last week and then a bunch of miscommunication with my medical team, everything seems to be calm for the moment. I am going to take antibiotics to keep any potential abscesses at bay as I continue on with the trial drug. After months of low grade night fevers I have now had two nights of no fevers or mild night sweats and so far today have not been presented with anything but a normal temperature 😳 I can’t help but think that the trial drug has something to do with this, something positive that I can report.

As for the yeast farm in my pelvis, it is still mildly gross, I am not pleased that I have to take antibiotics again because of this but it is the lesser of evils I need to worry about. That being said I am still trying to combat the candida monster that has taken over my body like the Horta from the Original Star Trek that made tunnels and killed people to protect her babies…That episode always made me want pizza because it looked like a bubbling piece of delicious Italian pie. My good friend who is a Nurse Practitioner at Planned Parenthood suggested I put boric acid suppositories in my hoo ha. I am a bit neurotic about medications and when I looked up this one it kind of freaked me out but she assured me that I wouldn’t harm myself as long as I didn’t orally ingest it so I tried it and so far so good. There was a little burning but nothing like the hot lava sensation I had when trying out the over the counter vaginal suppositories you get from the drug store 😳😳😳 How I thought I would put one in and walk my dog?! I seriously felt like I had jammed a hot poker slathered in Tiger Balm up in my nethers and there was no way to get it out. That was awful and I won’t make that particular mistake again but what my friend suggested is doable and I hope it helps.

As for the Tom and Jerry situation with me playing the part of Tom…I have not caught the little bastard mouse yet (yes, I am trying to think there is only one…Let me have this fantasy.) I will continue to organize my clutter, cleaning and bleaching where I need to and if I don’t catch anything with my humane traps, we will have to do something else, we have a pest control company that services our property for ants so they may have to do the mice if it comes to that.

For the most part I have been taking it pretty easy though and letting my body be the guide. I am also taking a few moments a day to give love and gratitude to my body that is working so hard…I know this sounds cheesy but when I stroke my heart, liver and pelvis and tell my mortal coil how I appreciate how hard it is working I actually feel my cells vibrating with a feeling like “She notices! We are so happy and we love you too!” I picture them like little Minions working even harder knowing they are appreciated…A lot of companies would probably have happier workers if they took this approach at the minimum but I digress.

Also, if you want to purchase a signed copy of The Pug Monster Gallery Coloring Storybook let me know, I would be happy to mail you a copy as we have a bunch available on hand.

Until next time ❤️

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