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Good Gnus!

I was going to spell “News” the traditional way but then I remembered Gary Gnu from the “Great Space Coaster” and got silly, blame the chemo brain and the fact I was already weird, ha! The world has been weighing on me in general and the impending CT scan wasn’t helping. You can’t argue with the diagnostics, this is true but even though the world is in an uncomfortable and dangerous place right now (well, more so than any other time in my lifetime) I have been feeling really good in my body, I kinda hoped the cancer was just gone.

Spoiler alert: The cancer is not gone BUT my rectal tumor and lymph nodes in my pelvis have shrunk and my liver lesions are stable! This is hopeful, this is potential remission down the line hopefully but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, one chemo at a time, one high vitamin C IV at a time, one positive thought at a time. This makes me feel a little lighter and that’s not a bad thing.

Speaking of lighter things, I made the cut for the online air guitar competition this Saturday the 25th at 6pm PST on TWITCH! Out of 40 videos they narrowed it down to 25 and I was one of the ones whose video was selected. Whomever scores high enough to make the second round will be doing a compulsory round live from their social distanced venues, if I am lucky enough to make that round I think I will be performing on my front porch, I mean it’s kind of a stage...

Right now I feel a responsibility to remain vigilant and keep striving for positive change for everyone regardless of race, creed or color, black lives matter first and foremost, that one is at the front of the queue but it is also important to take a moment to have a little fun and silliness here and there. Air guitar is about world peace and who doesn’t need that right now? If you can put down a gun and pick up an air guitar you can’t shoot anybody... Well, unless you do a crappy beer spit, throw some surprise confetti, french bread or sunglasses but that’s harmless fun and sometimes that is the medicine we need.

So maybe I will see you in the matrix on Saturday if you have the time and inclination to take a little break from our reality and to enjoy the antics of some creative and lovely weirdos from all across this locked down country of ours. A 3 beer minimum is suggested but whatever your equivalent jam will work too.

Until next time ❤️

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