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Feeling myself

Remember my last blog post when I said I was feeling good? Well...I am STILL feeling good, ha! I have mentioned it before as I most likely will again, when I was first diagnosed I kind of thought “Well, that was a waste” in regards to any money, effort or gifts that were sent my way, as depressing as that sounds it was totally true. I accepted and appreciated the support of others but couldn’t help feeling that their efforts were for naught...At least initially. It takes more than a minute to wrap your mind around a diagnosis like the one I received and as I have also said before, I really hate people telling me what to do and what my outcome will most likely be, so I was definitely a bit of a mess in progress.

I am really glad that I was the only one in this scenario who believed I was a lost cause. I am not saying I am a career Negative Nelly, I am far from that but when you don’t feel good it can be a challenge to see beyond the suck and at the time I was riding The Suckington Express on the way to Thisshitsuckshard, USA. I cannot stress enough the importance of allowing your community to support you, I wonder if I would have made it this far without all the love and support from my peeps from far and wide. I will never be able to convey just how grateful I am.

Am I out of the woods? Not at all but the strength that I was given through the love and kindness of family, friends and sometimes strangers has been instrumental to getting me to where I am now...Where am I now? Well, I am not drowning anymore, my head is above the water and the temperature is not too bad.

The future is uncertain but when was it ever not? All I can say is that I feel good now and that is enough. Until next time ♥️

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