Everyone is traveling but me.

I took my good friend to the airport this morning and I have to admit that I felt mildly jealous, I mean everyone seems to be traveling right now but me. I might have felt a little evil when I warned him about Monkey Pox…I mean I really don’t want him to get horrific boils on the palms of his hands and face but I will admit to feeling mildly asshole-ish when I said it. I really don’t hold it against anyone for traveling and honestly this is not the right time for me either physically or financially but that doesn’t mean I can’t plan for it and I am going to start to do just that…I will see Greece in person one day, it’s gonna happen.

Speaking of traveling…That is exactly what I am doing in the above picture of me in my hyperbaric chamber or at least that’s what they call it as I go to 85 feet of pressure. I finished “Aquaman” and it was worse than I remembered but at least now I am really sure I hate it, though I enjoyed “Justice League” and I can never not appreciate Jason Mamoa.

My brain is fried from schoolwork and life, though I can’t help to compare where I am now to last year at this same time, regardless of any issues I am having right now I am so grateful that I feel as good as I do, it’s like a dream.

Until next time ❤️

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