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Dude... I have to take a break from my adventure, cancer, Air Guitar, colostomy blog to say “WTF?!”

Our country is so broken. This is not to say that we cannot recover but we cannot continue to ride the same roller coaster. I couldn’t make myself watch yet another video of a black person being actively murdered. The picture of a knee on George Floyd’s neck as he begs for breath and mercy will haunt me forever. The police tear gassing peaceful protesters... Hard to tell whether the intermittent nausea is from my ongoing treatment or if it is from our current situation.

This country was messy before the current administration took over but now it has turned into Mrs. Haversham’s hoarder filled, moldy cake, rat infested and busted up mansion.

Side note: I tried to order groceries for delivery and nobody even responded or took my order, it was through an App but still, there was no response. That sounds like a personal and quite petty problem but really, it felt weird. I find myself trying to live my life as normally as I can given my already challenging circumstances and in the midst of all the peripheral chaos I tried to order groceries. I understood why there was no response (active protests happening perhaps 😳) but it kind of shook me in a weird way, this society we live in is so instant, add water, press button, get your desire right now or at least the next day with free shipping...I digress...

I still have hope that we can change things for the better, that we can BE better AND that I can get groceries tomorrow.

Hang in there.“


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