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Dropping the ball

Due to feeling like crap I seem to have forgotten how to follow through on my blog commitments. Dealing with 50lbs of water weight has been challenging, I guess it has made me irresponsible, it was a good run, ha! Today I definitely feel less weighed down which is a relief but I don't want to assume I am back to normal yet, I don't want to be disappointed again.

I cry all of the time, it's like my body is squeezing out excess sadness. My soul has just been weeping off and on, it's interesting observing this even though feeling it is miserable.

Until next time ❤️

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1 Comment

Jul 19, 2023

Right now, your only commitment is you. First and foremost. Please, no apologies to us. We are here to support you, not give you a guilt trip for arbitrary blog dates. But, thank you whenever you write.

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