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Don't get cocky kid!

Updated: Mar 24

I think those of us that were born and raised in the USA can be a little complacent with a skosh of cockiness. In my lifetime we have always been the cool country, the good guys (until recently in my opinion), the ones that could clean up the mess and help win the wars (until Vietnam Nam). I remember when Russian kids were selling Levi 501’s on the black market and wanting our MTV among other things back in the day, raise your hands if you’re Gen X, holla!

Now, with this looming and growing pandemic, I feel that many people are not taking it seriously. I totally get it, we are not a third world country, most of us have running water and indoor plumbing, we don’t have to wash our clothes in poo infested rivers, how can we have a pandemic?! Is this a fever dream?!! A horror movie?!! When do we turn into zombies or start looting? I always say that fear is only useful if fighting off a serial killer or running away from a bear but I do believe we should treat this virus seriously.

If you have kept up with my story you know that I have cancer and have been living a rather isolated life for almost a year. I am not immunocompromised right now, I haven’t had chemotherapy since December and my numbers are good. This being said, I am going to try to do all of the things to not get the Coronavirus nor spread it. I have heard people make light of this situation, scoff at it but really, if we can just be inconvenienced for a couple of weeks this thing could be controlled and we can get back to doing what we do in a normal kind of life. This sucks but it could be worse and it actually may be worse if people don’t start complying.

The immunocompromised have valuable lives too, they don’t want to get sick or die either.

This is an opportunity to learn something new or do activities that you have never had time for. Also, all the streaming platforms...

Anyway, please take care of yourselves, don’t spread this disease and have some fun. We are all in this together, remember that.

Just for funsies here is my belly dance performance I did in January, I am wearing a baby llama head and dancing to Prince. It is liberating to get weird, you have time right now, I invite you to dip your toe into the unexpected, you might actually like it.

Hang in there. Until next time ♥️

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