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“ Come check on me when you wake up. Stuck on floor”

Weakness has become a challenge. I slept in my massage room last night, it was lovely to be in a bed again instead of the couch. I convinced Charles to let me sleep alone so I don't have to worry about disturbing him with my random sleep talking, I DO mean random. Oh yeah I dreamed that Charles was becoming Steve Mnuchin 😬 If you don't know him please look him up. I was having an audible conversation that woke myself...It is so annoying to me I can't imagine what it's like for people other than myself. Anyway, my ostomy bag needed to be drained and I thought perhaps I could do this in the toilet 😫I did manage to make it to the goal but I couldn't get off of the sullied throne. After about 40 minutes of struggle I decided to send Charles a blasé text which became the title to this post. I also realized once I was on the floor I had to figure out how to get to the bed, a feat I did not accomplish until my husband got up. Even with the assistance it was really challenging and a little scary but now I am cleaned up and hanging in.

What a way to start your day 🙄

This is the time when you must walk through the fire...Or choose, it's an ongoing process to decide to live or die. I keep choosing to keep trying to get stronger because I honestly want to feel stronger again.

Until next time❤️

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