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Blah, blah, Healthcare, blahhhh

I went for over 10 years without insurance. In that time I discovered alternative methods on dealing with my health issues. Since I had to pay cash for various healing modalities I really was literally invested in these methods working for me and more often than not, they did. After a scary moment when I woke up from a faint to see my husband on the phone trying to call an ambulance to which I shouted “Charles! Hang up the phone, I don’t have insurance!” I purchased a high deductible “catastrophic plan” just in case something happened where I didn’t wake up in time to cancel the paramedics. Now we have Obamacare, thankfully, otherwise I shudder to think what we would do, my bill for January 2020 topped $17k. Though I am grateful to have this tax credit available, it is paying for an almost $2k per month premium and that is still only the silver plan.

The number of Go Fund Me campaigns to cover medical expenses is alarming to me, I am not sure why it isn’t alarming to everyone. I am also confused by the attitude that one needs to earn their right to healthcare, I mean, babies just entered the world, what have those little boob biting parasites done to earn being taken care of? Get a job babies! Ha!

It has always bothered me that when I hear someone complain about their health, let’s say it is something to do with soft tissue such as a stiff neck from too much computer work, I will encourage Massage or Acupuncture (most likely both) and the person will say “My insurance doesn’t cover those things.” These people will often do things that they would never do if they had to pay for it out of their own pocket. These same people will also put up with treatments that aren’t working for them, whether it is the modality or the practitioner because insurance is paying for it.

Before I was diagnosed with cancer I already felt that Healthcare For All was what this country needed but afterwards I REALLY felt that this is the right thing to do. If our taxes are paying for healthcare that means we are not paying any co-pays or premiums which frees up funds and encourages people to put their money towards things that could potentially benefit their health. Imagine the relief from eliminating the stress of meeting high deductibles and paying a high cost for essential, life saving medication.

I think everyone having access to free healthcare could actually help with happiness and the people in our country having more of it. More happiness could lead to less agitation and hate towards unknown people and experiences, air guitar could become an Olympic Sport... A hippie weirdo can dream, right? Can we stop worrying about other people getting too much? Can we start thinking that there is enough to go around? Share your toys people, we only have one sand box and we don’t need the cats to shit in it.

Side note: I had my 3rd radiation treatment and worked on my air guitar edit. I am tired with a skosh of nausea but I feel decent and most likely a tad high.

The “Adventure” portion of this blog coming soon...Hopefully!

Until next time ❤️

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