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An interesting twist.

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

I had my consultation with the hyperbaric chamber wound doctor today and I was nervous. I had the feeling that I might get turned down for the reason that I am not a “sure thing” in the medical world… “What do you mean by that?” You might think. Basically I am an anomaly, despite what has been projected on me from my diagnosis until just a few months ago I am still here and according to the doctor today I am winning at least for now, which is a loose quote, pardon me while I knock on wood and roll my eyes at the “winning” sentiment. The western medicine world is a little bit like banks, you can’t get a loan if you don’t have money and when you are compromised in a certain way, they (often because of insurance companies) will not allow you to experience treatments that may potentially turn the tide of an illness. An example that I experienced was due to my chronic abscess issues, most of the surgeons would have opted to not operate on me because it ultimately wouldn’t “fix” me even though I would have relief from the pain, I was not going to be a success in their books so why even try to help me? Luckily one surgeon did assist me even though he wasn’t sure I would get this far at all, I am grateful that he did but the fact that this would even be a discussion is a bit disheartening. The hyperbaric chamber oxygenates your WHOLE system, this is known to decrease inflammation, which is an interesting conundrum as radiation is used to basically deoxygenate an area so the cancer can’t survive and it creates an environment that can be challenging to heal. This means that hyperbaric chamber treatment can be contraindicated regarding someone who has cancer due to the theory that it can make the cancer grow…Cancer that thrives in an atmosphere of inflammation…See?! A conundrum indeed. I decided I needed to dress funky and wear contacts and makeup too as I felt I was going to have to try and tip the scales. When I checked in and found the weirdly disconcerting waiting hallway with a sign that read “Do not rearrange the furniture, this is the wound care and hyperbaric chamber waiting area” there was an older lady sitting on a scooter there as well, she was one of those veteran patients that had been around the block like the earth orbits the sun “You should call them.” She told me knowingly, “Here is their number, are you ready?” I dutifully left a message on the voicemail and then she proceeded to tell me that I looked very healthy as if I didn’t belong there 😳 “Oh, I have looked and felt worse…” I weirdly plead my case describing my situation and the amazing trial results I have experienced thus far. “Is it okay if I pray for you?” She asked, of course I said yes and she was fetched shortly thereafter thankfully. The nurse came and got me first, she asked me lots of the same questions that they always ask, made me drop my pants and took pictures of my two wounds…I really need to start an OnlyFans, ha! Anyway the doctor finally came in and did her tests, looked at my butt and asked me why I was being referred for hyperbaric chamber therapy. This is where I tap danced, if you have ever watched the movie Chicago, I was like Richard Gere stating my case sans the actual entertainment, I basically told her my radiation doctor thought it was a good idea and that I had been put through the ringer backwards and forwards and that if this could give me a chance at a better life I would like that opportunity. She asked me “What does that mean to you?” I said “If I could not ooze like a human slug that would be amazing.” She said that there was a good possibility that this treatment could help with that. She said that when she read my case she was sure I was a no go BUT…Since my cancer was shrinking she was willing to approve me for 60 rounds, 5 days a week for 3 months if my insurance covered it. I tap danced a little more just for fun “Also…If I could look younger that would be cool too!” She was kind of dry but I felt she had a sense of humor, it’s so hard to read people with their masks on but I believe she thought I was at least somewhat amusing. She said if I was approved by insurance and started the treatment they would stop it if my cancer started growing back, which sounds like a solid plan to me. I was then able to visit the hyperbaric chamber room which was a bit space age like with people in these clear pods watching movies and being pumped full of oxygen. You cannot have any clothes, metal, hair care products, scents or anything that is combustible, you can literally blow up…Not gonna lie that made me mildly anxious worrying that I may have stray glitter stuck to me somewhere but I hope I get to do it.

Until next time ❤️


Here is a promotional video Charles and I made for the upcoming air guitar show on July 16th. I think it’s pretty fun! Check it out!

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